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New OPENING DATE FOR DAN’S HAUNTED HOUSE will be Friday September 28, 2018

If you are looking to find a scary good haunted house in Dallas or North Texas for the best time, and several holiday screams this Halloween Entertainment Season.

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Dan’s Haunted House
is on several lists of
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for a scary and unique one of a kind Halloween Attraction Experience in Dallas Plano area

One of The Best Haunted House Attractions Dallas Fort Worth 2018

When do haunted houses open?

Dan’s Haunted House 2018
will open Friday September 28, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Then every Fri & Sat night
8 pm to 11 pm
Sept. 28th until Oct 27th
Sun Oct 28th 8 pm to 10 pm


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Attraction Dates & Times for
Dan’s Outdoor Haunted House

Haunted House Attraction Tickets are $20.00 with Discount Haunted House tickets for group of 10 or more

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North Texas Premier Haunted Attraction Denton County, Texas

We are a full feature outdoor walk through professional haunted attraction featuring creepy Japanese inspired sets and some of the best live Halloween entertainment actors that love what they do.

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Best Haunted House in Texas 2018


Best Dallas Haunted Houses 2018 ~ Dan’s Haunted House Reviews coming soon in the meantime check out some of the 2017 Halloween Entertainment Reviews-     #IAMDAN       10/28/2017     “Amazing! Was skeptical of the japanese theme at first. Got there. And man am i glad we went. Great costumes, great staff. Had a bit of a wait which we expected, with it being the weekend before Halloween but wasn’t too crazy. The wait was worth it because they they space the groups out well, and they had entertainment while you. And the haunt itself, amazing. Ive been to many in many states but this one was top notch.”     ~ Jonathan M       10/28/2017     “Simply well done! Actors are friendly and interactive but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some great scare. Took a group of 12-14 yr olds and they had a blast. Love the outside trail as the traditional house with traditional actors are getting boring. Worth the money, we will be back next year!!”     ~ Elizabeth Jones Veazey       10/28/2017     “this was by far the BEST haunted house we have ever been to!!! Deffffff doing it next year!!!”     ~ Jessica Bruhl       10/28/2017    “ We finally got to visit Dans Haunted House last night. It was chilly but fun. Most of my haunt experience is indoors and interacting with crowd. To walk-through all outdoor was different, fun, and exciting. Michael Edwards was tremendous in character, and his outfit rocked! If you get chance to go, check it out????”     ~ James Wiggs       10/27/2017     “Great fun,love the actors”    ~ Cadan Chaichuen       10/21/2017     “Different than your typical haunted house, and it’s damn refreshing.”     ~ Andrew Cooley       10/21/2017     “One of the coolest haunts I’ve had the opportunity to walk through. Love how eerily quiet it was.”     ~ Shannon Davasher       10/21/2017     “So innovative and creative you don’t have someone at every turn they actually space it out so that you don’t expect it! We had a blast! So much better than the one we visited last year. We will definitely come back”     ~ Kerrie Donofrio       10/21/2017     “Unique haunt, well worth the drive”     ~ Heather Ingram       10/20/2017     “This place was effectively TERRIFYING. I was genuinely creeped out and screamed more than once. Actors/actresses were friendly, professional, and creepy! Would love to go again. The effects/ creepy woods area was magnificently done.”     ~ Samantha C Hannah       10/20/2017     “Hey Google, Best haunted houses near me”       10/20/2017     “Best haunted attraction I’ve ever been to. Super scary and impressive!!”     ~ Megan Prast       10/20/2017     “It was one of the best and scariest visceral experiences in a dallas haunted house, I have had in a long time Thank You Dan’s Haunted House you guys are awesome !”       10/20/2017     “Was very well put together and was a nice price! I was very shook i will def he returning. The actors were amazing 5 stars for sure.”     ~ Alicia Ross       10/20/2017     Hey Google “THIS HAUNTED HOUSE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD SCARY AND OVERALL A FUN EXPERIENCE FOR ALL. PLENTY OF PARKING AND VERY CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE. THANKS FOR THE SCARES. WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.”     ~ Dawn Chambers       10/20/2017     “Everyone’s outfits were absolutely amazing. I loved the atmosphere, the Japanese theme was a wonderful change of pace from your typical haunted houses. I loved how the subtle touches made me think I was somewhere else entirely.”     ~ Cody Nance       10/20/2017     “It was terrifying and just absolutely something I would go back for. Can’t wait for next year!!!”     ~ Charles Murphy       10/20/2017     “A great place to jump and great people to make you, I had a awesome time and am ready to do it again.”     ~ Hayden Bodenmiller       10/14/2017     “This place was absolutely A W E S O M E. The actors were really professional and extremely creepy. Definitely something very different. We were really excited no chainsaws were involved. Hope to be back again next year!”     ~ Angelica Torres       10/14/2017     “Was very good! Definitely worth going again! You never know what to expect around each corner. Thanks for a SCARY GREAT time!”     ~ W. Beachem       10/14/2017     “No spoilers but totally worth the drive!”     ~ Barbara Rainbolt       10/14/2017     “Drove 2.5 hours to experience this haunt and it was well worth it. So much fun. Totally unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The actors are awesome and the Japanese theme is so cool.”     ~ PeeJay McNiel       10/14/2017     “This place is the best I have been to this was my third time and it gets better every year. If you like a good scare I totally recommend Dan’s Haunted House”     ~ Scott Dyke       10/14/2017     “Original, awesome haunted house, and worth the money. I was with a group of four and we all had a scary good time. The scenery and engagement of the actors combine for a really unique experience. I definitely recommend!”     ~ Jacob Garcia       10/14/2017     “MY first haunted house and very cool! Especially the crawling ” demon ” crawling towards us !!”     ~ Katherine Cruz       10/13/2017     “SO AWESOME ! LOVED IT !!! GOING AGAIN NEXT YEAR”     ~ Magan Jordan       10/13/2017     “Amazing time – amazing Crew – Awesome work – it is a must SEE”     ~ Patricia Ripley       10/13/2017     “This haunted house actually scared me a little. Actors are very good”     ~ Jeff Waits       10/13/2017     “Best haunted hands down!! This is my second year going and Dan never disappoints”     ~ Bridgette Covington       10/13/2017     “Excellent haunted house! Recommend this to everyone”     ~ Jared Robert Ewing       10/13/2017     “Went last night with the family and had a blast. Stumpy scared my stepdaughter twice over and we had a lot of fun, and love the difference from other haunts. Japanese theme in this area was unheard of and it pays off with the good acting and atmosphere. ”    ~ Jonathan Kaos       10/07/2017     “Dan’s Haunted House is amazing. It isn’t like other haunted houses. The fact that it’s outside gives it an extra creepy feel, and the characters are so good. They are all bases on Japanese myths and legends, and they all speak Japanese. Very cool! I love that it isn’t just the normal zombies and chainsaws. We came all the way from New Braunfels, Texas, which is a 4 hour drive. We will be back!!!!! Thanks Dan!!!”     ~ Shanna Wilson       10/07/2017     “I came down from Pennsylvania to try Dans Haunted House and I was not dissapointed! The level of professionalism the crew brings to the haunt is stellar and the effects they are able to create are astounding. I have been to haunts all over the world and I rank Dans as by far my favorite! Fear Is In Everything!!!”     ~ John Visneski       10/07/2017     “Amazing love going here it’s always the best. I would tell everyone they need to come here and enjoy the cast and crew.”     ~ Michael Johnson       10/07/2017     “I loved it. The costumes were amazing. The actors did a fantistic job. This is an amazing haunt theme based on japenese folklore. Its in an open country field and you walk along a trail. I loved every minute of it. And yes i screamed a few times…”     ~ Lolli Geezze       10/07/2017     “Dan and the gang are amazing. Had a great time and was well worth the money. Neat different concept.”     ~ Wayne Smith       10/07/2017     “Had my first Dan’s Haunted House experience last night…I LOVED EVERY DAMN MINUTE! One scare after another, great job guys!”     ~ Nora Schutt       10/07/2017     “Excellent haunt! Creepy creepy location! Scary woods – completely different theme than all other haunts around dallas.”     ~ RDLG       10/07/2017     “This place is incredible. Very well done, incredible atmosphere and such a great theme! The performers are all top notch and the looks they all had were simply incredible. There was one that looked like a pair of legs walking with a lantern and nothing more. She was mumbling in Japanese like she was trying to talk to us and when we didn’t respond she screamed very loudly and about made my wife wet herself! I will definitely be telling friends about this place and certainly will be going back!”     ~ Vinnie Barbarino       10/07/2017     “It was a great experience. Thank you guys my husband and i enjoyed it.”     ~ Annie Sabenecio       10/06/2017     “One of the best haunts I’ve seen in years. Original, fun, different. Actors are engaging and play off the visitors to maximize individual group experience. I laughed so hard at the person I was with screaming I couldn’t breath. Epic fun. Worth the experience hands down. Costumes, masks and ambience are quality I haven’t seen in a long time if ever. Caught myself several times stopping and staring at actors going wow, that looks amazing. I know I’m a geek analyzing that mid adventure, but it really was that cool. Plus, nothing like watching a 6’5″ guy scream and jump like a girl over and over. #win #epic #evilcacklesrule can’t wait to do it again! We went to another one tonight as well, it was an awful exp. Won’t do that again. From now on, Dan’s is our first and only stop. Well done all, well done.”     ~ Lacy Mitchell       10/06/2017     “Awesome haunt!!! Had a blast will definitely be back!!”     ~ Nate Armistead       10/06/2017     “We really enjoyed this haunt. The feeling of anticipation started right away. The actors did a great job! One of them even startled my husband which is hard to do. 🙂 The actors’ movements were surprisingly quiet in the outdoor setting and several of them were very close before I realized they were there. Well done!”     ~ Trisha Ludowese Harkness       9/30/2017     “This is by far the best haunted house i have ever been to. Best theme, best characters and super friendly staff. Very family friendly staff. Definitely coming back!”     ~ James Pryor       9/30/2017     “We checked out Dan’s last night and I must say, we really enjoyed the Japanese theme of the haunt! It’s a very different experience and a breath of fresh air from all the clowns, chainsaws and zombies you see at other haunts. I think my wife screamed more at this haunt than any other and they even got me once which is damn near impossible! Haha! The actors were really good at coming out of nowhere and the costuming was top notch. Dan is a cool guy and really fun to talk to! Good job guys!”     ~ Chad Cox       9/30/2017     “Wonderful, engaging characters. The masks/costumes/makeup are fantastic. They have eerie quiet and sinister artistically combined for great scares. Lots of attention was put into perfect lighting.”     ~ Angie Spilka Stephens       9/30/2017     “Awesome place a must see! We had an amazing time super scary!”     ~ Amber Lewis       9/29/2017    “First off, I love outdoor haunts, much more than any atypical indoor ones! This haunt resides at the former Dark Path Haunt location from years ago and they did a great job of making it even better! It’s probably twice the length from the last time I was over here which is great! Although I always say “the longer the better”, haha… Pros: 1) Ambient lighting was great and set the mood. 2) The actor outfits were very well done. 3) Great acting. 4) The trail was perfectly done unlike some you might go through and trip over things. 5) The staff were very friendly.     ~ David Haynes       9/29/2017     “It took me two attempts to make it past the ticket holder. The scares start right away and are sure to please any horror lover. Not for the faint of heart. Thanks Dan for a fun evening.”     ~ Chelsea Rogers       9/29/2017     “It’s different. All outside. Dark. A lot of fun. Wear good shoes.”     ~ Tim Hartsburg       9/23/2017     “You’re walking through the woods. It’s serene, quiet, even beautiful with the dim, colored lanterns, and then you hear a shriek in the distance. Many of the haunts I know try to bombard you with sound to mask other groups walking through and keep you from hearing actors. Not Dan’s. Dan’s has the luxury of silence and his actors have the training to wield it. At one point I was being chased by someone with a sword. The moment I looked back, it was swinging right at me, and it would have hit me if not for the tree in the way. That thud was a clear cue to press onward, lest I remain to flavor some oni’s ramen. This is one of my favorite haunts, and I can be a harsh critic.”     ~ Eli Aalderink      9/23/2017     “I had so much fun out there. I actually wish it was longer because I didn’t want it to be over. The people that greet you are amazing and the actors that are there while waiting in line are so much fun. The actors do their job perfectly and get really good scares out of you. . . it’s a fantastic haunt of you need a little adrenaline rush.”       ~ Garrett Bellar       9/23/2017       “This place is amazing! It’s true horror and is something everyone needs to experience! Cannot wait to come back!”       ~ Jerimiah Lopez       9/23/2017       “Always a spine tingling, goose bump, adventure with a twist….excellent scare if you dare..”       ~ Matt Mauldin       9/23/2017       “Such an amazing place! This is true horror at it’s finest! Dan is also an amazing guy! Cannot wait to come back and bring more of my friends! ”      ~ Jerimiah Castaldo       9/23/2017       “Best haunted house ever! Very good twist on haunted houses! Will go back for sure!”       ~ Susie Herrmann       9/22/2017     “Dan’s never ceases to impress. The sets and actors were absolutely amazing and it really shows that they take pride in what they’re doing. I’m a hard person to scare but they got me more than a few times!!” ~ Alaina Flewelling       Dallas Haunted House Reviews 2017     9/22/2017   “Excellent haunt! Super creepy woods! Dark, crickets, love the vibe! Actors were great !” ~ Rolando de la Garza       Haunted House Dallas 2017 ~ Dan’s Haunted House Reviews     For originality alone I’d give Dan’s Haunted House 5 stars. This is exactly the kind of haunted attraction that this industry needs to push it forward and hopefully get it out of the never-ending rut of clowns and zombies.     The makeup, masks and costumes were outstanding. The general layout of the place is conducive to an overall creepy vibe, which I thoroughly appreciate. Lastly, one of the best things about Dan’s Haunted House is the non-actor staff. All really good folks that genuinely care about making your experience a worthwhile one. Definitely worth your time and money. . . ” An exciting Halloween attraction in the Dallas area quickly becoming Dallas’ favorite haunted house to visit in 2018 casas de espantos que puedes visitar en Dallas

*LISTEN* to “Dan’s Haunted House Theme Song”

Dallas Attractions – Haunted Houses Denton County

Scariest Japanese Horrors well worth the trip from anywhere in America and possibly the World.

Top Rated Haunted House in Dallas, Denton & Collin County

Dan’s Haunted House is one of the Best Haunted Houses in Dallas Fort Worth TX area located north near I-35 in Denton County in the lil’ Texas town of Lake Dallas by the Corinth City Border.

Location & Directions to Find Haunted House

If you’re searching for local haunted houses in Corinth – Lake Dallas – Denton County Texas you have found the one and only Spooky Asian Attraction that breaks from the stereotypical Halloween Haunt Template.

Take a real scary journey into

Japanese Horror Culture and Scary Folklore.

At Dan’s Outdoor Haunted Trails


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THEME for 2018


~ ~ ~

Let DAN be your local guide to Halloween in Dallas, Texas. This 2018 Haunted Attractions Season.

Schedule of Dates and Times for 2018 Haunt Season @ Dan’s Haunted House

A Must See 2018 Halloween Haunted House

in the Dallas Frisco Plano area

WHY It’s called DAN’S ???

One of The Scariest and Best Haunted House Attractions in North Texas



 best local haunted houses in Texas


Theme for the 2018 Haunted Attraction Season is:




We bring forth Japanese Demons

We will unleash the Terrifying Samurai, Frightening Spirits, Ghostly Yōkai, and Sinister creatures that inhabit the Japanese waters.


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Local Texas 2018 Attractions - Haunted Houses

If you want to Experience the TRUE FEAR

FEAR of the unknown,

Alone in the dark scary suicide forest and woods featuring
Entities you have never seen before….

There is one Local Haunted House
in the North DFW area

that you need to experience . . .

Dan’s Haunted House

Check out some of the

Dan’s Obakeyashiki Character Photos





Haunted House I-35E Exit #458A

Lake Lewisville Toll Bridge – 2181 / Swisher Rd.

Approx. One mile EAST on Swisher just before the Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge, on the NORTH side of Swisher Rd.


Park at Swisher Courts Building
in the Lighted Parking Lot.

Dan’s Haunted Attraction Ticket Booth
location is at the Right Front Corner (southeast) side of the Swisher Courts Building.


is located at the northeast corner of Swisher Courts and down the hill to the dark scary haunted woods.


and you will know you have arrived at

One of the Scariest Haunted Attractions in the DFW

Haunted House near Plano Texas

Haunted Houses near me

DFW Haunted Houses near me

Take a look at the impact
our interactive and memorable characters
have made on the Dallas   Plano   Denton area by reading some of the


Cost of tickets to Dan’s Haunted House
are budget friendly and very reasonable.

General Admission: $20.00 ea. (taxes included in ticket price)
CASH,CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS accepted at the door. but No Checks

*Tickets may be purchased online

*service fee applies

Dallas 2018
Halloween Haunted House Season

Contact DAN when you are bored and need a friend to talk too, or if you need info. on

call or text
DAN @ 972-821-9154

or View the Break down for Group Ticket Sales for Haunt and


Recommended Age

for Haunted House:


Dan’s Haunted House

may be too intense for children

under 14 years of age.

We also understand that every child is different.

Please use your best judgement, on what you feel your child can handle.

Family Friendly Haunted House 2018 ?

We do require that a Parent, Guardian, or Adult over 18 accompany younger children under 14 yrs. of age.

TX Halloween Haunted House in Dallas Featured on CNN Travel in 2017

Interested in becoming a Haunt Actor?  
Call or Text Dan @ 972-821-9154
Must Be at least 18 yrs old
We are always looking for good people to visit and Join Us

Learn More

casas de espantos norte texas

Este atractivo de espantos al aire libre está inspirado en el folclor, leyendas y películas de horror japonesas. ”.
Hasta el 29 de octubre en el 501 E. Swisher Road, Lake Dallas Texas


Haunted Houses in Dallas – Denton – Plano – Frisco – Fort Worth – Corinth – Lewisville – Flower Mound – Carrollton – Irving – Little Elm – The Colony – McKinney – Allen – Richardson – and many more cities in DFW – Texas Obakeyashiki – Texas casas de espantos – Dallas casas de espantos

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