The Haunt Name, Why Dan’s Haunted House?

You may be asking yourself

Why would a Professional Haunted House in the DFW Dallas Fort Worth Denton Metroplex be called Dan’s Haunted House ???


Is this Dan guy that conceited, narcissistic, self-righteous, and full of himself that he needs self-gratification in this manner ?

Is this Dan Guy a Cult Leader ?
Is this Dan Guy having a midlife crisis?
Why does he sweat so much?
Where are these Dan Videos I keep hearing about ?
The Long/short answer:
It’s all about entertainment, misdirection, and marketing, along with having fun . . . and it is working.

Calling it Dan’s allows us to do whatever theme we want whenever we want.

Dan’s Haunted House is not tethered to what the haunt should be by having your typical haunted attraction name.

Our name is different,
Our haunt is different,
WE are different.
We are DAN and we don’t do that anymore.
We take things one step further
No Clowns, No Zombies, No Chainsaws
Because Fear is in EVERYTHING !!!
This Dan Guy aka Dan Baker we know and love is one of the most humble and fun loving characters you will ever meet,(even if he does sweat more than the average Joe, or Daniel Hagfish)
Dan enjoys all aspects of haunted houses, along with haunting.
It is all about having fun.
We just choose to bring a different way to scare the ever living bejeebers out of folks.
Dan has said it is “The Crew” that makes Dan’s Haunted House possible,
We have very talented staff of Adult Haunters
that don’t believe the haunt template has to be limited to the usual
Zombies, Chainsaws, and Scary Clowns.
We like those things but wanted to break from the normal template.
thumb Sidenote Trivia:
although this may or may not be directly related to the naming of Dan’s Haunted House In Japanese martial arts a Dan-ranked practitioner of a style is usually recognized as a martial artist who has surpassed the kyū, or basic, ranks. and yes we are blessed have a few on the crew.

uniquely fun and scary dark haunted attraction deep in the spooky woods of Denton County